AV8 Technologies was formed around the notion that the best hardware solutions are only as good as the programming which drives them.  In the crowded AV marketplace today, there are many budget outfits which push cheap hardware solutions with packaged templates for programming and no post sales support.

Our first commitment is to see you all the way through the installation process.  We have a tried and true onboarding process to get you in the driver’s seat of your new digital signage or AV installation.  We install it, train you and offer you post sale support as it should be. 

What about content?  Yes, this is often the most overlooked part of the process.  Just imagine you went to the local big box retailer and bought a big new 4k television and brought it home and plugged it in and found nothing but CSPAN on all channels.  Boring, right?  Well in digital signage and other AV installations, YOU the client are responsible for developing compelling, attractive content which is engaging to your viewers.  Unless, you are a TV broadcaster or a some other creative agency, chances are you don’t have a highly skilled animator or developer on your staff to make the content for you.

Well, you are in luck.  AV8 presents a myriad of training and creative service offerings either as a fixes monthly service or on an ad hoc basis.  Whether a special one time promotion or a recurring content upgrade, our staff of talented artists and animators will design and program your displays in a manner which best represents your business.